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Meet Rosemary

Personal Mission

I am a global citizen, driven to address challenges we face in cultivating a thriving planet and human society through design and connections.


My work has spanned graphic/communication design, undergraduate instruction, corporate sustainability management and business development for Fortune 500s, small businesses and non-profits.

Current Activity

After a recent Self-Directed Learning Sabbatical, I work with focused on the enterprise applications of blockchain technology for supply chain data management. 


Areas of experience include food supply chains, corporate sustainability data management, retail, international education, sustainable buildings, international development and automotive, among others. 

Hi! Hola! Hallo! Olá! !مرحبا

I've lived/worked in the United States (IL, MI, PA, CO, AR, DC & MA), Bangladesh, India and Qatar. I speak Spanish, know basic German and am studying Portuguese. 

Interested In

I welcome opportunities to connect for consulting, contract work, full-time opportunities and speaking engagements on blockchain, sustainability, retail and food supply chains.

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